Keystone Open Hoop Cutter

Available in 5 different sizes, our Keystone Open Hoop Cutter can be purchased separately or in sets. Sizes are measured across the longest/widest part of the cutter. Please see pictures that provide a visual of the measurements:
Cutters can be purchased in the following sets:
  • Trio Pack - 20mm, 30mm, 40mm
  • Full Collection


Note: When using our Keystone Open Hoop Cutter we recommend burnishing your clay and/or dusting your cutters with cornflour as required so the clay doesn't stick to the imprint. For a demonstration of clay stamping techniques please watch our tutorial here

You can mix and match this Keystone Open Hoop with other cutter shapes, such as our Diamond Gem cutter (please see example picture). If you would like to match your Keystone Open Hoop with our Diamond Gem cutter we suggest pairing the following sizes:

 Keystone Open Hoop Diamond Gem
20mm 10mm
25mm 12mm
30mm 15mm
35mm 18mm
40mm 20mm


Material: PLA plastic, a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer.
Colour: Colour will be at random and is subject to availability.
Use: Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for tips on getting the perfect cut.
Care: Please do not put MyClayCo cutters in the dishwasher. The material may warp if exposed to high heat. Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for instructions on caring for your cutters.