About Us

The MyClayCo team is passionate about designing, manufacturing and sourcing fun and unique polymer clay tools, resin, and jewellery making supplies. Their flagship product, polymer clay cutters, are all designed and 3D printed in-house.

MyClayCo was founded by Tegan, back in 2020. Polymer Clay jewellery making became an important creative outlet for her to unwind with while on maternity leave. The idea of starting a polymer clay cutter business arose when she was looking for Australian themed and stud sized cutters and couldn’t find any. A self-confessed 3D printing nerd, Tegan loves the design a problem-solving aspect involved.

Karla has been an unofficial MyClayCo team member since the beginning, and joined the team officially in 2022. She is an amazing artist and MyClayCo’s head designer. She is also a talented polymer clay artist and mum to a beautiful girl.

Janet joined the team in 2022. She keeps the studio organised and ensures all of the day to day operations run smoothly. She is a keen crafter and has previously worked with ceramics and done folk art painting. Polymer clay is one of her favourite creative outlets, and she also has an avid interest in resin art.