Colour Companion


Our Colour Companion is the perfect way to organise all of your color samples and recipes. It comes with blank tabs so that it is fully customisable to suit your colour sample needs. 

The Colour Companion bundle includes:
- Folder
- 10 Colour swatch pockets
- Set of 5 Blank Divider Tabs
- Colour Swatch Cutter
- Colour Recipe Cutter (Mini)


Your Colour Companion folder comes with five divider tabs and 10 colour swatch pocket sheets. Each colour swatch pocket sheet can house 20 colour samples. Additional divider tabs and colour swatch pocket sheets are also available in case you want to grow your Colour Companion.

Also included is a Colour Sample cutter that you can use to stamp out your polymer clay colour samples. Our mini size Colour Recipe cutter is also included to help you measure out the perfect ratios. This cutter cuts a rectangle with grid guide indents to easily chop and change out squares for colour recipes. If you would like to purchase additional Colour Recipe cutter sizes, you can do so here.

To record the details of your colour swatches and recipes, simply use a permanent marker or Sharpie to write on the back of the swatch (that way there’s no risk of losing the colour details!).

Stuck for divider tab ideas? Here are just a few!

- Polymer Clay

- Sculpey Premo/Souffle

- Cernit

- Colour Recipes

- Alcohol Inks

- Resin pastes


Available in both UK/Australian English (Colour Companion) and US English (Color Companion). A4 size.


*NOTE: Baked clay colour swatches shown in picture are not included but are examples of how to use the product.