Clock Face Stamp


Our clock face stamp will assist in getting the perfect clock face on your desk clock creations! It includes the numbers around the face, as well as a centre guide so you can easily line up your clock mechanism in the middle of your project. 

To use the Clock Face Stamp you can either stamp lightly to provide a guide for your clay numbers, or create a deeper imprint to give your creations an instant clock face which can be left as an imprint or filled with liquid clay or paint.

Note: you will need to cut the centre guide out to attach your clock mechanism. This can be done after baking but is easier if done prior to baking your clay. Our 8mm circle cutter is the perfect size for this cutout.

The stamp measures approximately 85mm and is available in a full face stamp (numbers 1-12) or a quarter face stamp (numbers 3, 6, 9, 12)


Material: PLA plastic, a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer. 


Colour: Colour will be at random and is subject to availability. 


Use: Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for tips on getting the perfect stamp and cut.


Care: Please do not put MyClayCo cutters and stamps in the dishwasher. The material may warp if exposed to high heat. Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for instructions on caring for your cutters.