Click n Clay Multi Jig


Our Click n Clay Multi Jig is the ideal tool for polymer clay artists to create perfect rainbows and classic shaped pieces! Simply extrude your clay and follow the shape outline. It’s just like a rainbow jig, only better!

The click-ins give you the flexibility to change up what shapes you’re making with ease. Once you’ve finished laying your clay, simply pop out the click-in and use a tissue blade to easily move your piece to your baking surface. The best part is, if any of your pieces warp while moving them to your baking surface, you can use the click-in to realign your creation!

Our heart and flower Classic Shapes also feature hoop guides so you can create hoops using thick extruded clay pieces and get your cuts perfect every time!

The white acrylic base plate and click-ins make it easy to see your design and colour palette, and the shapes are perfectly sized for making a range of polymer clay creations such as earrings or keychains.


Click-in options include:

- Rainbow click-ins: two size jigs to make medium and large rainbows (6 of each size included)

- Classic Shape click-ins: Heart, Star and Flower shapes (4 of each shape included)


To watch a free tutorial on using the Click n Clay click here.