Life of Colour Acrylic Paint Pens - Chrome Mirror Effect - Set of 3


This 3-pack comes with extra shiny, super-chrome, mirror-like gold, silver and copper pens, in a 3 mm tip.

The specialised liquid chrome ink will create a mirror-like effect to your art projects. The ink is glossy and opaque and works best on dark or shiny surfaces.

Seal with varnish for a more long-lasting effect, and to add an extra shine to your projects.

3 Pens Gold, Silver and Copper

3mm tip

For any surface Mixed media artists, don’t stop at polymer clay - get creative anywhere! Life of Colour acrylic paint pens also work on a number of other surfaces, including (but not limited to) stone, porcelain, canvas, plastic, vinyl, glass, cardboard, sealed wood, paper, terracotta, rubber and metal.

Non-Toxic & Odourless