Colour Recipe Cutter


Our Colour Recipe Cutter is perfect for mixing up your favourite color recipes! This cutter is available in 3 sizes so you can mix up the amount that you need. Sizes are as follows:

Mini - approximately 40mm x 20mm (perfect for testing colours and mixing up small amounts for detail work)

Small - approximately 60mm x 30mm (great for mixing up small amounts of colours)

Medium - approximately 80mm x 40mm (perfect for larger projects)

To use the cutter for colour recipes simply roll out your clay, stamp the cutter and it will imprint your clay into 8 sections. From there you can section up the amount of clay you need for your recipe (eg. 1/2 or 1/8).

To ensure you mix up the correct colour, make sure that all of your clay colours are rolled to the same thickness.

Material: PLA plastic, a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer.
Colour: Colour will be at random and is subject to availability.
Use: Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for tips on getting the perfect cut.
Care: Please do not put MyClayCo cutters in the dishwasher. The material may warp if exposed to high heat. Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for instructions on caring for your cutters.