Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker


Transform your polymer clay into unique hollow beads with this aluminium Hollow Bead Maker. With 5 different sizes, you can craft the perfect dome shapes for your creative designs. Hollow beads allow you to make larger statement jewelry pieces that are easy to wear because they don’t have the weight of regular beads. You can bake two halves of the same size bead at the same time right on the mold.

Tips for using the Sculpey Tools Hollow Bead Maker 
- It is so easy to use! Simply roll out a sheet of clay, use circle cutters to cut out 2 flat circles of clay and add them to the dome.
- Press down firmly making sure the edges are touching all the way down. Because the hollow bead maker is made out of aluminum you can put the whole thing your home oven to bake.
- After making sure it is cool, the pieces pop right off and you are ready to sand the edges and glue together
- Another cool thing you can do is add dimension to shaped pieces. Simply make your piece and then add it to the Hollow Bead Maker on the side of one of the domes and when it is baked it will have a curve to it.