Sculpey Bead Maker

Perfect beads every time - The Sculpey Tools Bead Maker helps you make perfectly round bead every time! The set comes with 2 handles, six inserts (2 for each bead size) and 3 measuring cups.

Tips for using the Sculpey Tools Bead Maker
- Select the measuring cup of your desired size bead.
- Firmly press clay into measuring cup until full. Each measuring cup has the bead size on it that you will be making.
- Remove excess clay using a straight blade, lay the blade flush against the cup and trim the excess clay.
- Remove clay from cup and form into a ball.
- Select the inserts that match the measuring cup you used.
- Place the inserts into each side of the bead maker. Make sure you have the same size insert in both sides. Bead sizes are on the back of each insert.
- Place smooth ball of clay into the center of one insert.
- Close the bead maker. (The inserts need to be lined up). Holding the bead maker with both hands, slide both sides back and forth. Your stroke length should be approximately 2.5 cm - 5 cm. Remove the bead from the roller.
- If you feel your bead is not as round as you would like, place back into the bead roller and slowly roll back and forth