Sculpey Bead Baking Rack

Perfect beads every time - The Sculpey Tools Bead Baking Rack comes with one rack and 12 skewers which allows you to make a lot of different size beads at one time! It is made from aluminum and stainless steel so that it is safe to put in your oven. The Bead Baking Rack suspends the beads while they bake preventing flat bottoms and shiny spots so you have perfect beads every time! This set is perfect for use with your polymer oven-bake clay beads, but it can also be used for your air dry clay jewelry as well.

Tips for using the Sculpey Tools Bead Baking Rack
- The ends of the skewers are sharp so you can use them to poke holes in the beads and then leave the beads on the skewer to bake
- Make sure to leave a little room between each bead
- The 12 skewers line up on both sides - six skewers on each side for maximum capacity and beads
- Make sure the triangle side is down on the baking sheet for stability
- Place the baking rack on a cookie sheet then add the skewers and place in home oven
- Place different size beads onto each skewer and bake in your home oven