Pearl Ex Pigment - Interference Blue


Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are great for creating a metallic or pearlescent look. Simply apply them to polymer clay prior to baking to create a beautiful effect that won't tarnish or fade. We recommend applying Pearl Ex Powders using a paint brush, however you can also use your finger. They can also be mixed into your clay. Although you do not necessarily have to seal mica powders, applying a sealant will ensure your creations are protected.

These Pearl Ex Pigments are available in a 3gm or 14gm size.

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments can also be used with other artistic mediums, such as oils, acrylics, alcoholic inks, epoxy, casting resins and varnishes.

One of the exciting things about micas and pigment powders is that the colour you use can change depending on what colour surface you are using them on. You can view a comparison chart below where Pearl Ex powders have been applied to white and black polymer clay.

Colour Chart courtesy of The Blue Bottle Tree.