Earring Card Hole Guide


Create perfectly aligned earring card holes with this earring card hole guide. Suitable for all size and shape cards, it offers a simple, versatile solution to accurately make holes for your earring posts to go through.

Simply select the holes that work best with your earring cards and line them up where you’d like them.

Here are a few suggested ways to make the holes using the guide:

  • Put the guide on top of your card then use a needle tool or pin to poke holes through the card.
  • Put the guide on top of your card and use a felt tip pen to draw guide holes. You can then use a drill to drill holes through the card. Alternatively a mini hole punch can be used.
  • To drill a stack of cards at a time, simply place your card with guide holes drawn on at the top of the stack and use a Dremel tool (or similar) with drill bit attached to drill holes.

Hole Guide measures 14.8cm high x 10.5cm wide (A6 size). Holes are 1cm by 1cm apart - there are 70 holes total on the grid.