Drill-a-majig (Earring and Jewellery Assembly Station)


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The Drill-a-majig is the ideal tool for any polymer clay artists, earring, jewelry or accessory maker to drill uniform holes again and again! From itty bitty earrings to large bookmarks, this tool can do it all! Drill and assemble with ease - yes please!

To use the Drill-a-majig, you simply pop your first piece in the triangular groove, line up your acrylic hole guide to where you want the hole(s), secure the guide in place with the knobs, and drill!

To see the Drill-a-majig in action, click here for our YouTube tutorial.

The Drill-a-majig includes the following features:

  • Adjustable hole guide allows you to line up holes exactly where you need them. It is adjustable both horizontally and vertically.
  • Holes on the hole guide are spaced 5mm apart, meaning that you can drill multi-hole pieces with evenly spaced holes.
  • A centre guide indent on the base board and hole guide help you line up symetrical pieces with ease.
  • Simple knob system allows you to lock the hole guide in place, quickly and easily.
  • The triangular groove design means you can place almost any shaped piece in the groove to hold it securely in place while you drill.
  • Drill pieces as small as 10mm, or large items like bookmarks.
  • The Depth Adjusting Plate allows you to drill the common earring thickness of 2-3mm, or remove the plate to extend the thickness to 5-6mm.
  • The top of the base board includes two tray indents for holding earring and jewellery pieces, as well as findings.
  • Made from solid wood, giving you a sturdy work surface, with an organic feel.

The purchase of a Drill-a-majig includes:

  • Drill-a-majig wooden base board with tray indents
  • Wooden Depth Adjusting Plate
  • Acrylic Hole Guide
  • 2x Knob and Bolt Slides

*Drill sold separately. The Drill-a-majig Base Board measures 25cm W x 19cm H x 1.8cm D, and measures 4.4cm D when fully assembled with knobs.