Clay Machine Tidy Tray


Suitable for a wide range of clay rollers and pasta machines (including the Atlas 150), our Clay Machine Tidy Tray Insert will keep your machine tidy (and white clay, white!).

Simply place the tray into the bottom of the machine where it will be able to catch any stray clay pieces that may fall. Your rolled clay will pass through the machine and onto the insert, without you worrying about it picking up any other colours hiding in the nooks of the machine. The insert comes in white so any colours are clearly visible.

This insert will also save time cleaning your machine - you no longer have the difficult of trying to get into all of the crevices at the bottom of your machine to get those hidden bits of clay. Simply remove the tray, wipe the insert with a baby wipe or cloth and you're done! We recommend wiping the insert between colours.

Insert measures 14.5cm wide as shown in the product photo.