Candy Heart Stud Packs


Our Candy Heart stud packs come in five different variants:

  • Loved Up Pack (includes XOXO, Kiss Me, Love Bug, Be Mine, Love You, and Cutie Pie)
  • Cheeky Pack (TXT Me, Hey You, UR Cute, Oh Baby, Call Me, and Wink Wink)
  • Love Sux Pack (Love Sux, You Wish, Wine Pls, Drop Dead, Nope, and Bite Me)
  • BFF Pack (BFF, Hug Me, Beautiful, Smile, You Rock, Cute)
  • Aussie Luv (Ya Mum, Mole, Yeah Nah, Nah Yeah, Fkn Luv U, Nice Bum)

These stamps have been designed to create Candy Heart studs with our 15mm Heart cutter. You can purchase these packs with a 15mm Heart Cutter or without.  

Letters are a height of approximately 2mm, so single word stamps are approximately 2mm. Two line stamps (eg. Be Mine) measure approximately 6mm in height including the gap between the two lines. The width of the stamps are a maximum of 10mm, depending on the text.

Material: PLA plastic, a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer.
Colour: Colour will be at random and is subject to availability.
Use: Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for tips on getting the perfect cut.
Care: Please do not put MyClayCo cutters in the dishwasher. The material may warp if exposed to high heat. Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for instructions on caring for your cutters.