3D Book Cutter Set


Our 3D Book Cutter set comes in three different sizes:

Book cover - 20mm length x 13mm height
Book page - 12mm length x 9mm height
(approximately 12mm x 10mm once book assembled)

Book cover - 34mm length x 22mm height
Book page - 20mm length x 15mm height
(approximately 20mm x 15mm once book assembled)

Book cover - 65mm length x 42mm height
Book page - 40mm length x 29mm height
(approximately 40mm x 30mm once book assembled)

To assemble the books, simply cut out the book cover and page and wrap the cover around the page/s. You can either cut out multiple thin pages or one thick page and score the page detail with a tool, such as a needle tool or tissue blade. Our video tutorial for 3D book making can be found here

Material: PLA plastic, a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer.
Colour: Colour will be at random and is subject to availability.
Use: Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for tips on getting the perfect cut.
Care: Please do not put MyClayCo cutters in the dishwasher. The material may warp if exposed to high heat. Please see our page "Cutter Use and Care" for instructions on caring for your cutters.