Water Soluble Transfers

MyClayCo Water Soluble Transfers

Comprehensive Instructions

Our Water Soluble Transfers are for use on unbaked polymer clay. Best used on white or light clay. Requires sealing after baking with a glaze, varnish or resin.
  1. Roll out your clay to an even thickness
  2. Lay the printed image face down on to your clay, ensuring the entire image is making contact with the clay
  3. Lightly sprinkle water over the paper until it swells - once fully absorbed, let it sit for 30 seconds
  4. To remove the paper, slide your finger along an edge of the paper until it pulls away from the clay and gently peel it away - it should stay in one piece
  5. Resist the urge to clear the water away or smooth the paper fibres off your clay! If you try to remove them before baking, you risk smudging your image. The water will evaporate in the oven and the fibres can be removed or sealed once baked
  6. You can now cut your shapes out of your slab and bake as per the clay instructions
  7. Once baked, you can remove any large visible paper fibres by lightly rubbing your finger over the surface with water. Fine paper fibres will not be visible once sealed.

To watch the full tutorial video, click here.