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How To Choose Earring Findings

First of all, for anyone new to the game, let’s clarify what earring findings are. They’re basically the bits and pieces you use to put your earrings together. They include things such as earring posts, backs, hooks and jump rings (these are the little rings that you use to connect clay pieces or findings).
Choosing the right earring findings can be a little overwhelming. There are so many options... colour, size, style. Here are a few things to consider.
  • Are they made from surgical stainless steel? There are a lot of findings out there that aren’t, and you don’t want yourself or your customers having a reaction to your earrings!
  • What size post is best? I normally find that a size just slightly smaller than my actual clay piece is best. For example, if I have a round stud that is 10mm I would probably use a 7-8mm post.
  • What colour should I choose? I like to have both gold and silver plated options (although I sometimes treat myself with rose gold!). One important thing to note is that there are different shades of silver and gold so be aware of this so that your hooks and jump rings are the same colour! Once I’ve finished a piece I then just try the gold and silver findings against it and see which I like best. Another option is to look at other maker’s pieces with a similar colour palette and see what colour they’ve used.

What have I missed veteran jewellery artists?

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